Why a Good Intention is Rarely Enough

Your intention is not enough… If you want your partner to feel your love you had better consider more than the intention to show your love.

The time when “he or she meant well” is enough to keep the relationship on the right track is over. Past the courtship, your relationship will eventually collapse with your failed attempts to please.

The divorce and separation rate is such that we should know that we need to be far more savvy in today’s world if we want our relationship to last.

The flip side of this, however, is that if we stay in a relationship today, it is no longer because we are forced to. And that opens the door to many opportunities.

Becoming a better partner…

First, we accept the fact that we might not know our partner as much as we think we do. Then we realize how much we guess on a daily basis. Like all good gamers, we remember the good guesses far more than the wrong ones. Fair enough… but where does that lead us? Check the divorce/separation rates to find the answer.

The alternative is to face the challenge it can be to find out who we truly are in a relationship, and how we make things easy or difficult, and why. This is the groundwork needed to improve a relationship and get to another level.

What about starting to level the gift giving opportunities you currently have? Giving and receiving are at the heart of a loving interaction. And often we miss out simply because we don’t have the information we need to leverage the occasion.

Leave the guesswork and choose EZcouple.

EZcouple will not only increase your knowledge about what your partner wants, but it will also give you the opportunity to convey what you would love, simply and efficiently.

If your intention is to show your love for your partner, registering on EZcouple is the best way to express your pure intention. Your partner will receive an email informing him or her what a wonderful person you are in taking the first step to show your love efficiently.

Start the giving-receiving-appreciation cycle today!

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