The 5 love languages in action

Gary Chapman’s successful theory has tons of information on his website if you want to spend the time to learn every detail about it.

Here we offer a turnkey solution immediately usable and fully customized for you with the gift-giving opportunities in perspective.

What are the 5 Love Languages?

Simply put, they are the way we express and feel loved.

Gary Chapman distinguishes between Act of Service, Gift, Quality Time, Quality Touch and Word of Affirmation.

In other words, it is the way we express our love. Do we love to entertain? Do we love to have special time? Do we love to hear sweet words and compliments? Do we love to do things for others? Do we love big hugs and making love?

These questions are a caricature of each love language and you might recognize yourself in all. It would not be surprising since no one is completely foreign to any love language.

Yet the primary one is what matters most in a romantic relationship because this is the one that either makes the relationship fun and fulfilling or full of frustrations that eventually leads to conflicts.

Identifying your primary LL for you and your partner is key

EZcouple can help you find your primary LL with the Love Language game that registered members can play.

Each love language seems easy to understand at first but the ramifications of each language can make them complex to apply.

Here at EZcouple, we focus on what you need to know to help you immediately, and only that.

We limit the theory to what is relevant for you and how that affects your perception of your partner’s reactions. And we help you be efficient with what you learn.

What difference does it make in the gift giving process?

Knowing the primary LL changes how you give something, and it can even change what you give.  It will put your gift giving into a different league: the league of meaningful, love expressed and felt gifts.

Imagine all you want is sleep and you are lovingly presented with a magnificent buffet of food. You would be thankful, but would you feel grateful?

What if, instead you were presented with the most comfortable bed there can be? The magnitude of your gratitude and appreciation would multiply. This is what we want you and your partner to feel at EZcouple.

When it comes to gifts we might want things totally different from one another, and how these things will be given to us makes a world of a difference: for some a nice wrap will be enough, for others a special way to be given the gift is what they are looking for, etc…

At EZcouple you don’t need to wrack your brain and make things complicated, we guide you so it is simple and easy to apply. And we are always there if you need more explanation. Through the message center on your dashboard, you can directly communicate with us. No need for a contact us form or an email. Simply enter your question and our team will reply as soon as possible.

It is that simple.

We offer you a free trial so there is no reason to wait! Try EZcouple today for your couple.



Your Relationship Value In Detail

Couple benefits: relationship value

When we look for couple benefits as we ponder about our relationship, we often fail to look at the details that make all the difference in the long run.

In order to achieve more, we often dismiss the small accomplishments and the small pleasures that go along. Simply look at a drop of water and visualize the power of this drop that most likely will shortly disappear in the palm of your hand. The most advanced irrigation system water the plants by sending on a regular basis drops of water. So we should not underestimate the power of small pleasures.

To achieve big we need to start small and learn to enjoy the ride. Each day’s little satisfaction is filling up the tank of the big satisfaction.

Each day has its share of pleasure if we bother to pay attention. Making sure we truly enjoy each of them is the sure way to a happier life.

All big things start small first.

So keep thinking big while you enjoy small things.EZCouple3

With your relationship, it is easy to overlook the details that make your life so much more interesting. It is a human trait to ignore what goes well and focus on what gives trouble. Yet gratitude is a mindset that helps us sail through difficulties with more grace, and more importantly, with less pain.

When we understand that the big picture is an accumulation of details, focusing on details in our daily life makes perfect sense.

With EZcouple we try to help you make the most of all the simple moments that rhythm a relationship. We want your next birthday, next Christmas, next wedding anniversary to be a resounding success so you value these moments for what they are. Christmas, in particular, can be really stressful with family reunions and a myriad of gifts to be found. EZcouple wants to make that easier and more fulfilling by taking care of your relationship and your satisfaction with your partner.

Once your couple is registered on EZcouple both of you post what each of you would love. So it is easy for you to have the right information to please your partner. EZcouple helps you nurture your relationship and save your time and energy so you have more to handle the rest.

Between setting a romantic dinner and getting something your partner as a surprise gift. Your relationship is taken care of, efficiently.

You need to join and sign up first to benefit from EZcouple’s help. It is simple and you have a free trial it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity.

Bringing Something New to Your Relationship

Couple routine: a blessing and a risk

A couple routine is when we are beyond the pure seduction process and we cease to marvel at everything the other one does or say. It is when one gets back to a normal rhythm and the relationship is no longer the utmost priority. It is normal and necessary for the relationship to grow into something deeper.

There is nothing wrong with a routine. In fact, we need some routine to settle into anything we do. What we don’t want however is for routine to fall into boredom. When you have been with someone for many years, the risk of a routine that becomes boring is real. This is why you need to be proactive to bring something new that spices things up.

Even if you feel that all is good with your partner you will both benefit from trying something new.

What can be something new?

A different way to make love, a special weekend children free, a romantic walk,  a massage etc… Whatever it is, make sure both your partner and yourself will love it. Sometimes it helps to think back to the time before children arrived when the couple had all the space in which to blossom.

  • Take the time to think about it. And don’t forget to think keeping with the love languages in mind. The more you speak the correct love languages the better.
  • Bear in mind that rarely will the time feel right for what you decide to do. Often the right time NEVER comes because life is such that our relationship will often come last.
  • Finding the time for your little escapade is, therefore, a priority. Make it happen.

Finding the time to do something special and meaningful to fuel the love between you and your partner can be a recurring event, scheduled.

These moments are golden because they cement the relationship. When the next storm comes, you will be stronger to go through it.

Joining EZcouple will help you a great deal in this project because you and your partner can share, on a private platform, what you would love to do. You can schedule time together and get reminders, and most importantly you will be guided to speak the right love language!