Why Does Your Relationship Need EZcouple?

The gift giving struggle

We all look to live happier, healthier, in one word better. What if there was something not yet known that would dramatically make the whole shi-bang of gift giving, love and appreciation, one hundred times easier?

Contrary to popular belief, it does not get easier to find the best gift possible the more you know your partner. In fact, it is quite the opposite: how often do you hear “he has everything” “I have no idea what to give” etc…?

Beyond the disappointment of failing to please, don’t you want to receive something that you would love?

Men and women handle love differently. Little things matter less for men than they matter for women. We rarely feel valued and appreciated the same way, and yet we all tend to presume that our partner would know if they truly loved us.

We all care enough to want to see the sparkle of joy in our partner’s eyes when we give something. We do the best we can… guessing.

The guesswork is a risky business

How often do we miss the mark, know it, feel it and brush it off? The sense of failure is particularly strong because the assumption is that we should know better. It is particularly unfair to men who are results driven. No one likes too much uncertainty, and women will go out of their way to successfully guess what would please. Men, on the other hand, tend to play it safe and will base their actions on tangible facts: the amount spent, the probability that it will please given the data they have. Given the choice, most men will prefer to be told what to give. They want to be successful!

That is legitimate and we all want to feel successful.

Women have to fight the propensity they all have, that make them feel like a failure if they don’t do everything perfectly the first time: The ideal woman would certainly know what her partner wants, so why doesn’t she? What is wrong with her?!

Nothing is wrong with not knowing what our beloved partner will want for Christmas or their birthday. The longer the relationship lasts the less likely we are to know for sure. We all, men and women, deserve a break from the struggle it can be to find a good gift for our loved one.

EZcouple makes sure each partner knows what the other would love, whatever that may be.  When we easily know WHAT, WHEN and HOW to please our life partner, we absolutely LOVE doing it.

So the outcome is that each of us is more cherished day after day.

How to be successful all the time?

Without extrasensory perception skills, you cannot be successful each time you choose a gift for your partner. And when you know that these skills are wishful thinking, we are doomed. Unless… unless we have joined EZcouple.com.

No skills required for a success rate of 100%

All you need to do is register and post what you would love, when you would love it, and you are good to go.

Of course EZcouple goes beyond a shared wish list with your special one. The success rate comes from a deep understanding of the 5 Love Languages theory because when you know how to “speak” your partner’s primary love language, another world opens for you.

Gift giving is then directly associated with love and appreciation.

No sweat, no over-spending, no frantic search

Finding a gift for your partner becomes so easy that it is worth doing it again and again and again. And the next thing you know you start scheduling romantic dates and getaways that take you back to the earlier time of your relationship.

This is in a nutshell what a membership on EZcouple can bring to you and your partner.

Change your life today: try EZcouple, you will love the effect on your relationship