How It Works

Your goal: finding a gift for your partner that will please them when you need it.

This is what we do.

Step 1 You or your partner registers first

The first one to register is asked to choose a subscription for their couple that will ONLY start at the end of the trial period. You can close your account at any time so signing is literally risk-free.

Step 2 The first to register lands on their dashboard on EZcouple

You can do many things there but you will be prompted to invite your partner first. It is a site for couples after all!

Once that is done you can start playing with the site, here is what you can do there:

  • post any gift ideas or suggestions  you would love or you think your partner would love, either on your wall if it is for you, or your partner’s wall if it is for them: you have 3 different options to add a desire; you can browse something on Amazon search tool, you can add your particular website with a description of what you love there, and you can add a simple idea.
  • add a specific event to your calendar there to make sure no one forgets. You will get a reminder in due time for that particular event.
  • play the love language game and find out more about their own primary Love Language, and their partner’s once they join. Ok, this looks like nothing but it is such a big deal for any relationship! If you don’t know anything about the 5 Love Languages check this post.
  • send us a message and say Hi! via the chat system: we’d love to hear from you and Anne replies promptly!

Step 3 Your partner joins using the link they have received in the invitation email

An email has been sent to your partner immediately after you invited them. This email is important because it contains a specific link to connect to your account and your account only.

Their signup process is even simpler than yours and they can directly access their dashboard where they can do all the things you can do on yours.

NOW though the fun starts! You can see what your partner posts, you can comment and ask questions. You can suggest an impromptu date and discuss live on the chat system.

The result: you are never short of ideas, and you never miss a date

Whenever you find something you would love, login and post it on your wall. It does not have to be for a specific upcoming event but if it is, make sure you choose this event and add it to your post. Your partner will do the same.

Next time you look for a great gift or you want to surprise your partner you know where to go!