Finding the Winning Idea Easily

What about making things easy for once AND multiplying your ROI by 10?

Return on investment, or ROI, when we talk about a gift is the ratio between the amount of time, the energy and the money you spend for that gift, AND the pleasure derived from it.

The best possible ROI is when both giver and receiver derive pleasure from the gift giving experience. That only depends on the pleasure, satisfaction and appreciation of the receiver.

When the gift pleases to the point that it leaves a positive memory to both giver and receiver, you’ve hit the mark! In other words, you remember the time you received something that you absolutely loved from someone you loved. You both felt excitement and joy.

Interestingly the pleasure is NOT directly related to the amount of money spent. Most people resort to showing that they care by overspending for a gift.

The principal value of a gift is what it represents for the receiver.

Remember that a meaningful gift is something coveted and desired. And this can be far more than a material thing. For example, your presence for a certain period of time might be more important than what you will actually give. We all have our own way of feeling loved and appreciated. So there is no hard rule that one can follow to be “safe”.

In reality, how often is your gift is a resounding success?

Years together make it harder and harder to find a gift that the other will love, without his or her direct participation.

We develop strategies to handle this problem: some couples let their partner choose and sometimes they buy their own gift. Others send mega hints just before the due date to make sure that their partner knows what to get and when to give it.

The biggest problem with these strategies is that they fail to strengthen the relationship. At most, gift giving is perceived as a duty, and at worse, it is a dreaded task. This experience could be entirely different!

EZcouple helps make gift giving a rewarding pleasure

Gift giving can and should be the opportunity to feel successful in showing our love and feel appreciated in return.

When the participation is only financial, the giver is withdrawn from the gift-giving process. and the ROI is really low.

Some of my girlfriends no longer ask for anything; they simply buy their own gift for Christmas for instance and place it under the tree. They have given up receiving love through that experience.

Considering how rare it has become to be able to show our love outside our routine, it seems a shame to miss an opportunity like this. Finding the right gift for our respective partner should not be an ordeal. With EZcouple it won’t be, it will be seamless.

EZcouple changes your gift giving experience for the better

It provides you with a secured platform for your couple, where both partners can add on their respective wall what they would love to receive, and even hint at when they would like to receive it.

Each partner only needs to check their partner’s wall when in search of ideas. The result is almost guaranteed. The couple can leave old strategies behind. A simple look at their account on EZcouple will fill them with gift ideas that will please their partner!

Gift giving becomes rewarding and fun.

Beyond a smart wish list, EZcouple adds the understanding of the 5 Love Languages theory, one of the most groundbreaking relationship theories of all times found by Gary Chapman.

When we understand how to “speak” our partner’s primary love language, it makes a world of a difference because you can adjust what you do so it is meaningful to the other. In the process, you also read better your partner’s expression of love, and something simply nice becomes all of a sudden an act of love that you value and appreciate.

In addition, the reminding system on EZcouple makes sure no important event is missed.

EZcouple is the reliable solution helping each couple make the best of their gift giving experience.

Gift giving can now become what it should always be, an opportunity to feel loved and appreciated.


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