Who is EZcouple for?

Romantic couples. Both partners must be registered on a connected account to benefit from all the features.

I registered and my partner also registered but we don’t see each other’s wall?

Whoever registers first invites their partner, and that partner will receive a special link in an email to register and link them to the first partner. If you register after your partner did on the site directly, without using this link created for you, we can’t connect you to your partner. Please contact us and we will help you out.

Does it matter who registers first?

Other than the fact that the first to register will most likely be the one who will pay for the account at the end of the trial period, there is no difference between either registration. Registering is as simple in both cases.

Will I be asked for payments details to register?

No. You will be able to use the site for free for the duration of the trial. And then you will be asked to make the payment if you wish to continue using EZcouple. And please know that we do not store sensitive credit card details on our site but we use a professional third party called Stripe that has a specific, sophisticated encryption system. Alternatively, you can use PayPal to make the payment at that point.

Why don’t you have an app?

We have a web appĀ that makes the site entirely mobile device friendly. The real app will come, but we want to do this right so your user experience is our priority to understand in order to produce an app that works.

How different are you from online concierge services?

First, we are much much cheaper! We also pride ourselves on having better results: we don’t guess anything at EZcouple. Concierge services are just another level of guessing. We REMOVE the guesswork entirely.

Where is the element of surprise on your site?

Surprise implies risk and we limit the risks associated with gif giving on EZcouple. So undeniably, there is less surprise in your gift giving process when you use EZcouple. That being said we have in store a new feature that will allow a calculated surprise. Calculated because if you are not sure to totally please your partner, the chances of doing so will be 60% higher than if you did a random surprise.