Bringing Something New to Your Relationship

Couple routine: a blessing and a risk

A couple routine is when we are beyond the pure seduction process and we cease to marvel at everything the other one does or say. It is when one gets back to a normal rhythm and the relationship is no longer the utmost priority. It is normal and necessary for the relationship to grow into something deeper.

There is nothing wrong with a routine. In fact, we need some routine to settle into anything we do. What we don’t want however is for routine to fall into boredom. When you have been with someone for many years, the risk of a routine that becomes boring is real. This is why you need to be proactive to bring something new that spices things up.

Even if you feel that all is good with your partner you will both benefit from trying something new.

What can be something new?

A different way to make love, a special weekend children free, a romantic walk,  a massage etc… Whatever it is, make sure both your partner and yourself will love it. Sometimes it helps to think back to the time before children arrived when the couple had all the space in which to blossom.

  • Take the time to think about it. And don’t forget to think keeping with the love languages in mind. The more you speak the correct love languages the better.
  • Bear in mind that rarely will the time feel right for what you decide to do. Often the right time NEVER comes because life is such that our relationship will often come last.
  • Finding the time for your little escapade is, therefore, a priority. Make it happen.

Finding the time to do something special and meaningful to fuel the love between you and your partner can be a recurring event, scheduled.

These moments are golden because they cement the relationship. When the next storm comes, you will be stronger to go through it.

Joining EZcouple will help you a great deal in this project because you and your partner can share, on a private platform, what you would love to do. You can schedule time together and get reminders, and most importantly you will be guided to speak the right love language!


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