The 5 love languages in action

Gary Chapman’s successful theory has tons of information on his website if you want to spend the time to learn every detail about it.

Here we offer a turnkey solution immediately usable and fully customized for you with the gift-giving opportunities in perspective.

What are the 5 Love Languages?

Simply put, they are the way we express and feel loved.

Gary Chapman distinguishes between Act of Service, Gift, Quality Time, Quality Touch and Word of Affirmation.

In other words, it is the way we express our love. Do we love to entertain? Do we love to have special time? Do we love to hear sweet words and compliments? Do we love to do things for others? Do we love big hugs and making love?

These questions are a caricature of each love language and you might recognize yourself in all. It would not be surprising since no one is completely foreign to any love language.

Yet the primary one is what matters most in a romantic relationship because this is the one that either makes the relationship fun and fulfilling or full of frustrations that eventually leads to conflicts.

Identifying your primary LL for you and your partner is key

EZcouple can help you find your primary LL with the Love Language game that registered members can play.

Each love language seems easy to understand at first but the ramifications of each language can make them complex to apply.

Here at EZcouple, we focus on what you need to know to help you immediately, and only that.

We limit the theory to what is relevant for you and how that affects your perception of your partner’s reactions. And we help you be efficient with what you learn.

What difference does it make in the gift giving process?

Knowing the primary LL changes how you give something, and it can even change what you give.  It will put your gift giving into a different league: the league of meaningful, love expressed and felt gifts.

Imagine all you want is sleep and you are lovingly presented with a magnificent buffet of food. You would be thankful, but would you feel grateful?

What if, instead you were presented with the most comfortable bed there can be? The magnitude of your gratitude and appreciation would multiply. This is what we want you and your partner to feel at EZcouple.

When it comes to gifts we might want things totally different from one another, and how these things will be given to us makes a world of a difference: for some a nice wrap will be enough, for others a special way to be given the gift is what they are looking for, etc…

At EZcouple you don’t need to wrack your brain and make things complicated, we guide you so it is simple and easy to apply. And we are always there if you need more explanation. Through the message center on your dashboard, you can directly communicate with us. No need for a contact us form or an email. Simply enter your question and our team will reply as soon as possible.

It is that simple.

We offer you a free trial so there is no reason to wait! Try EZcouple today for your couple.



Gift Giving through Small Gestures

Giving and receiving is not all about material gifts. In fact, it is much deeper than it seems, it is about caring and showing it.

We all want to feel important, don’t we? We feel important through other’s eyes, and we feel special through our partner’s eyes.

A heartfelt compliment will make the receiver feel wonderful for hours, and maybe days if the compliment can fully sink into one’s heart.

Whenever we give someone the opportunity to feel important, we are sending the most positive energy. We allow that person to feel good. More importantly, we boost that person’s health and vitality.

It does not have to be through words, sometimes an intense look, a gentle caress, or a hug are enough to convey this feeling of importance. As long as we are fully into what we do with the intention of giving at that point, we will make our partner feel wonderful.

In a long-term relationship, we tend to overlook these small gestures on both ends, the giver and the receiver. It is particularly important therefore to create the space for special times when these gestures become meaningful again.

Why not try the EZcouple calendar to help you schedule some time today?

How to Last in a Relationship

Lasting in a relationship

Every relationship demands some kind of maintenance program using the 5 love languages as defined by Gary Chapman.

When it comes to romantic relationships, do you seriously think that whatever commitment you made in a single day will be enough to sustain love and caring in the long run? Whether it is marriage or the day you decided to commit to that

relationship, you must now become pragmatic and check on what works and what does not.

Human nature across the board is that we get used to anything and everything. It becomes our routine. Routine offers the possibility that we may operate automatically, requiring a minimum of energy. The flow of competing demands drives our focus, and thus our routine stays unchanged and unadjusted.

Gradually we feel taken for granted, we no longer feel valued and as a result, we spend less and less time doing meaningful things. This is a rather natural evolution that can only be tweaked if we are proactive.

Sometimes we are convinced that we are doing what it takes, oblivious to the fact that our partner has different desires. Spontaneously, we do or say to our partner what we would like our partner to do or say to us. It may work but most the time it won’t. Rare are the couples who share the same primary love language. Sharing a love language is not a requirement as long as we are aware that we don’t share it.

A relationship needs meaningful acts of love on a regular basis to thrive.

The 5 love languages in action

Meaningful acts of love…

We all know that showing love is important. What is less discussed is that showing love HAS to be meaningful for the receiver. If you keep giving the wrong food to a plant it will eventually die. Similarly, if you keep showing your love in a way that your partner does not understand or feel is an act of love, eventually, your partner will stop thinking that you love him or her.

Understanding what is meaningful for your partner is, therefore, the key to nurturing a romantic relationship. It may be what is meaningful to you, and that makes your task easier. Often though it is radically different from what is meaningful for you, and showing your love needs, therefore, to be consciously directed in a manner that is not natural for you.

How many times have we heard that words are easy and actions are not: he can sweet talk me but what does it show? In reality, he speaks his primary love language which is Word of Affirmation. Words and voice tone matter so much to him that he expresses his love with words and a gentle loving tone. His partner, in this case, does not see that. In fact, she complains about the fact that her primary love language is ignored.

Once both partners clearly understand their respective primary love languages, they can express their love so it is felt.

This is what reaching out to the other truly means.

Setting a fulfilling routine

… on a regular basis!

Do you think that ten days of a fantastic yearly holiday makes up for the dull daily life you have during the rest of the year? Or do you believe that a yearly cleanse diet will compensate for a daily intake of junk food?

If you don’t like your daily life sooner or later your yearly holiday will not suffice to re-energize your relationship. Eat junk all year long and your detox will be painful and exhausting. So much so that the following year you will skip it.  Similarly, the one gift or the yearly break will not make up for months of neglect. In fact, they will highlight even more the depressive state of our daily lives.

At the end of the day, it comes down to our need to feel valued and loved. Men and women differ in how they feel valued. We all need reassurance through daily words or actions. We need to feel special for the person we live with. The more special we feel the more love we will give in return.

Every woman has her own way of feeling special and loved. Beyond love languages, small things, daily details make a huge difference for any woman.

In daily life, small gestures and actions mean the world to them. Nothing spectacular here, nothing to brag about. Yet these little things are the solid foundation for a healthy relationship. If men were more aware of the impact of these little things that delight their female partners, they would not dismiss them so quickly. And they would definitely be happier with their relationship.

The devil is in the details they say! It is particularly true with your romantic relationship

Why Does Your Relationship Need EZcouple?

The gift giving struggle

We all look to live happier, healthier, in one word better. What if there was something not yet known that would dramatically make the whole shi-bang of gift giving, love and appreciation, one hundred times easier?

Contrary to popular belief, it does not get easier to find the best gift possible the more you know your partner. In fact, it is quite the opposite: how often do you hear “he has everything” “I have no idea what to give” etc…?

Beyond the disappointment of failing to please, don’t you want to receive something that you would love?

Men and women handle love differently. Little things matter less for men than they matter for women. We rarely feel valued and appreciated the same way, and yet we all tend to presume that our partner would know if they truly loved us.

We all care enough to want to see the sparkle of joy in our partner’s eyes when we give something. We do the best we can… guessing.

The guesswork is a risky business

How often do we miss the mark, know it, feel it and brush it off? The sense of failure is particularly strong because the assumption is that we should know better. It is particularly unfair to men who are results driven. No one likes too much uncertainty, and women will go out of their way to successfully guess what would please. Men, on the other hand, tend to play it safe and will base their actions on tangible facts: the amount spent, the probability that it will please given the data they have. Given the choice, most men will prefer to be told what to give. They want to be successful!

That is legitimate and we all want to feel successful.

Women have to fight the propensity they all have, that make them feel like a failure if they don’t do everything perfectly the first time: The ideal woman would certainly know what her partner wants, so why doesn’t she? What is wrong with her?!

Nothing is wrong with not knowing what our beloved partner will want for Christmas or their birthday. The longer the relationship lasts the less likely we are to know for sure. We all, men and women, deserve a break from the struggle it can be to find a good gift for our loved one.

EZcouple makes sure each partner knows what the other would love, whatever that may be.  When we easily know WHAT, WHEN and HOW to please our life partner, we absolutely LOVE doing it.

So the outcome is that each of us is more cherished day after day.

How to be successful all the time?

Without extrasensory perception skills, you cannot be successful each time you choose a gift for your partner. And when you know that these skills are wishful thinking, we are doomed. Unless… unless we have joined

No skills required for a success rate of 100%

All you need to do is register and post what you would love, when you would love it, and you are good to go.

Of course EZcouple goes beyond a shared wish list with your special one. The success rate comes from a deep understanding of the 5 Love Languages theory because when you know how to “speak” your partner’s primary love language, another world opens for you.

Gift giving is then directly associated with love and appreciation.

No sweat, no over-spending, no frantic search

Finding a gift for your partner becomes so easy that it is worth doing it again and again and again. And the next thing you know you start scheduling romantic dates and getaways that take you back to the earlier time of your relationship.

This is in a nutshell what a membership on EZcouple can bring to you and your partner.

Change your life today: try EZcouple, you will love the effect on your relationship

Finding the Winning Idea Easily

What about making things easy for once AND multiplying your ROI by 10?

Return on investment, or ROI, when we talk about a gift is the ratio between the amount of time, the energy and the money you spend for that gift, AND the pleasure derived from it.

The best possible ROI is when both giver and receiver derive pleasure from the gift giving experience. That only depends on the pleasure, satisfaction and appreciation of the receiver.

When the gift pleases to the point that it leaves a positive memory to both giver and receiver, you’ve hit the mark! In other words, you remember the time you received something that you absolutely loved from someone you loved. You both felt excitement and joy.

Interestingly the pleasure is NOT directly related to the amount of money spent. Most people resort to showing that they care by overspending for a gift.

The principal value of a gift is what it represents for the receiver.

Remember that a meaningful gift is something coveted and desired. And this can be far more than a material thing. For example, your presence for a certain period of time might be more important than what you will actually give. We all have our own way of feeling loved and appreciated. So there is no hard rule that one can follow to be “safe”.

In reality, how often is your gift is a resounding success?

Years together make it harder and harder to find a gift that the other will love, without his or her direct participation.

We develop strategies to handle this problem: some couples let their partner choose and sometimes they buy their own gift. Others send mega hints just before the due date to make sure that their partner knows what to get and when to give it.

The biggest problem with these strategies is that they fail to strengthen the relationship. At most, gift giving is perceived as a duty, and at worse, it is a dreaded task. This experience could be entirely different!

EZcouple helps make gift giving a rewarding pleasure

Gift giving can and should be the opportunity to feel successful in showing our love and feel appreciated in return.

When the participation is only financial, the giver is withdrawn from the gift-giving process. and the ROI is really low.

Some of my girlfriends no longer ask for anything; they simply buy their own gift for Christmas for instance and place it under the tree. They have given up receiving love through that experience.

Considering how rare it has become to be able to show our love outside our routine, it seems a shame to miss an opportunity like this. Finding the right gift for our respective partner should not be an ordeal. With EZcouple it won’t be, it will be seamless.

EZcouple changes your gift giving experience for the better

It provides you with a secured platform for your couple, where both partners can add on their respective wall what they would love to receive, and even hint at when they would like to receive it.

Each partner only needs to check their partner’s wall when in search of ideas. The result is almost guaranteed. The couple can leave old strategies behind. A simple look at their account on EZcouple will fill them with gift ideas that will please their partner!

Gift giving becomes rewarding and fun.

Beyond a smart wish list, EZcouple adds the understanding of the 5 Love Languages theory, one of the most groundbreaking relationship theories of all times found by Gary Chapman.

When we understand how to “speak” our partner’s primary love language, it makes a world of a difference because you can adjust what you do so it is meaningful to the other. In the process, you also read better your partner’s expression of love, and something simply nice becomes all of a sudden an act of love that you value and appreciate.

In addition, the reminding system on EZcouple makes sure no important event is missed.

EZcouple is the reliable solution helping each couple make the best of their gift giving experience.

Gift giving can now become what it should always be, an opportunity to feel loved and appreciated.


How to last in a relationship today

Romantic relationships usually start well, So why is it so hard for them to last?

The enchanting beginning…

We all love the excitement of courtship and the early stage of relationships, full of hopes and mystery. It is a dreamlike beginning…of lifelong love


We feel valued, appreciated, and special, even if it is all based on assumptions, and projections that have little to do with who we are.

In courtship, and at the beginning of a relationship, our partner’s excitement fuels ours. We both want it to never end. And we think that feeling is love with a big L.

As a result, when the relationship evolves and settles in for the long run, we less and less view our partner with selective glasses. We open our eyes to what is far from exceptional. In fact, we get to know the other with all his or her flaws, and our partner, all of a sudden, points out our own weaknesses to us.

From there on, we have two choices:

  1. We start blaming him or her for the misunderstandings, the disagreements. Soon enough arguments plague the relationship and our partner loses their aura of attraction. Instead of taking this as an opportunity to grow, we flee this relationship, thinking it is the problem.
  2. We become aware that our partner may also be a mirror reflecting our flaws.  And we decide to look at the part we play in that. When we raise our awareness about our flaws, we are more likely to accept our partner’s weaknesses. At that point, the relationship becomes a potential for growth for both partners.

The banality of relationship breakups and divorce is a staggering proof that the first option is the easiest one. The only rewarding option, however, is the second one, because it opens the door for personal growth.

This choice will present itself in any romantic relationship, sooner rather than later.

Growing with your relationship and learning to show love

We are not perfect. Why are we expecting our relationship to be?

Life teaches us many lessons, and as we learn, we change and grow. A relationship is a partnership of two individuals growing and changing on their own. Therefore the relationship has to evolve.

As routine kicks in, we tend to do and give what we would love to receive, regardless of whether it is meaningful for the other. And we expect the other to return their love the same way.

There may be love but is it perceived as such by our partner? Not necessarily.

Gifts and celebrations become then particularly important to show how much we love and care. Gary Chapman with the 5 Love Languages theory has well illustrated how showing love can be totally undetected by the receiver.

As a result, relationships are work because we must understand how to love efficiently. If we fail to do so, we jeopardize our relationship.

Gift giving is a rare opportunity to show your love

Lasting in a relationship is wonderful. It is a big achievement that we should celebrate.

With time comes a better understanding of ourselves and our partner. We deepen our love through growing experiences.

Gifts and special occasions as the relationship evolves, take on a stronger meaning.

A gift that moves the partner to the core will fill the relationship love tank. It will fuel the positive cycle of gratitude. Only the right gift deeply moves us: it is given at the right time, the right way.

Successful gift giving =Accuracy + Timing +Style

How do we hit the three marks? Knowledge. The more you know your partner and what they love the easier it gets. Does it ever get easy? I have been happily married for over 20 years and my experience tells me it is never easy because our needs change.

When you and your partner succeed in having many memories of moments when you touch each other’s heart, your relationship has the most solid base to go through any storm. And storms, there will be.

As you grow, the relationship blossoms through life experiences. is the tool to help you with giving something meaningful to your partner, effortlessly, all the time.

Celebrations and gifts are opportunities for you to nurture your relationship. The uncertainty around gift giving is not easy for the giver, and it is often disappointing for the receiver. removes the uncertainty so you are left with the joy of a celebration.

Life is unpredictable. It will throw many things at you. Secure the fact that you will please your partner when you decide to do so… join EZcouple.

Finding the Best Gift For Her, Effortlessly

Aren’t you tired of the endless search for the best gift for her?

Gentlemen, do you have time to scan the internet in an elusive search for the perfect gift? Or call her mother? Or deal with the last minute gift that costs you a ton? Do you have time for that?

Are you ready to pay a premium for a concierge service that has no guarantee to please her?

Her mother and her siblings might have the greatest ideas but unless you take the time and energy to ask them and take note of what they say, how will you know?

You and I both know that this choosing a gift business is not at the forefront of your priorities. Fair enough. Choosing the right gift might be important on D day but not before then.  Don’t you want to remove all the uncertainty around that matter?

For those of you who would agree with the above statements, is THE solution.

EZcouple makes choosing the best gift easy and fun

When you have a platform that records all her wishes, often with a link and description associated with them, you only need to login and choose among her wishes to make sure you please her.

She WILL LOVE what you got because you chose something among her personalized selection! And similarly you can add any of your own gift wishes in detail so that, instead of buying it yourself, it’s posted on EZcouple and she will get it for you.

Choosing a gift just became easy!

Knowing that you will have the perfect gift idea readily available to you when you need it, you can relax and attend to your priorities.

And if you relax so much that you forget altogether the event related to the gift, don’t worry! EZcouple will remind you in enough time for you to act, stress-free.

So why wait to try it out? You have a free trial when you sign up.

For a fraction of any concierge service costs, you are sure to please your partner using EZcouple

Take 5 minutes of your time now and save all the time needed to secure a gift idea via multiple sources. With EZcouple you will have a process in place that will remove all the uncertainty around making your life partner happy.


Your Relationship Value In Detail

Couple benefits: relationship value

When we look for couple benefits as we ponder about our relationship, we often fail to look at the details that make all the difference in the long run.

In order to achieve more, we often dismiss the small accomplishments and the small pleasures that go along. Simply look at a drop of water and visualize the power of this drop that most likely will shortly disappear in the palm of your hand. The most advanced irrigation system water the plants by sending on a regular basis drops of water. So we should not underestimate the power of small pleasures.

To achieve big we need to start small and learn to enjoy the ride. Each day’s little satisfaction is filling up the tank of the big satisfaction.

Each day has its share of pleasure if we bother to pay attention. Making sure we truly enjoy each of them is the sure way to a happier life.

All big things start small first.

So keep thinking big while you enjoy small things.EZCouple3

With your relationship, it is easy to overlook the details that make your life so much more interesting. It is a human trait to ignore what goes well and focus on what gives trouble. Yet gratitude is a mindset that helps us sail through difficulties with more grace, and more importantly, with less pain.

When we understand that the big picture is an accumulation of details, focusing on details in our daily life makes perfect sense.

With EZcouple we try to help you make the most of all the simple moments that rhythm a relationship. We want your next birthday, next Christmas, next wedding anniversary to be a resounding success so you value these moments for what they are. Christmas, in particular, can be really stressful with family reunions and a myriad of gifts to be found. EZcouple wants to make that easier and more fulfilling by taking care of your relationship and your satisfaction with your partner.

Once your couple is registered on EZcouple both of you post what each of you would love. So it is easy for you to have the right information to please your partner. EZcouple helps you nurture your relationship and save your time and energy so you have more to handle the rest.

Between setting a romantic dinner and getting something your partner as a surprise gift. Your relationship is taken care of, efficiently.

You need to join and sign up first to benefit from EZcouple’s help. It is simple and you have a free trial it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity.

Bringing Something New to Your Relationship

Couple routine: a blessing and a risk

A couple routine is when we are beyond the pure seduction process and we cease to marvel at everything the other one does or say. It is when one gets back to a normal rhythm and the relationship is no longer the utmost priority. It is normal and necessary for the relationship to grow into something deeper.

There is nothing wrong with a routine. In fact, we need some routine to settle into anything we do. What we don’t want however is for routine to fall into boredom. When you have been with someone for many years, the risk of a routine that becomes boring is real. This is why you need to be proactive to bring something new that spices things up.

Even if you feel that all is good with your partner you will both benefit from trying something new.

What can be something new?

A different way to make love, a special weekend children free, a romantic walk,  a massage etc… Whatever it is, make sure both your partner and yourself will love it. Sometimes it helps to think back to the time before children arrived when the couple had all the space in which to blossom.

  • Take the time to think about it. And don’t forget to think keeping with the love languages in mind. The more you speak the correct love languages the better.
  • Bear in mind that rarely will the time feel right for what you decide to do. Often the right time NEVER comes because life is such that our relationship will often come last.
  • Finding the time for your little escapade is, therefore, a priority. Make it happen.

Finding the time to do something special and meaningful to fuel the love between you and your partner can be a recurring event, scheduled.

These moments are golden because they cement the relationship. When the next storm comes, you will be stronger to go through it.

Joining EZcouple will help you a great deal in this project because you and your partner can share, on a private platform, what you would love to do. You can schedule time together and get reminders, and most importantly you will be guided to speak the right love language!


Why a Good Intention is Rarely Enough

Your intention is not enough… If you want your partner to feel your love you had better consider more than the intention to show your love.

The time when “he or she meant well” is enough to keep the relationship on the right track is over. Past the courtship, your relationship will eventually collapse with your failed attempts to please.

The divorce and separation rate is such that we should know that we need to be far more savvy in today’s world if we want our relationship to last.

The flip side of this, however, is that if we stay in a relationship today, it is no longer because we are forced to. And that opens the door to many opportunities.

Becoming a better partner…

First, we accept the fact that we might not know our partner as much as we think we do. Then we realize how much we guess on a daily basis. Like all good gamers, we remember the good guesses far more than the wrong ones. Fair enough… but where does that lead us? Check the divorce/separation rates to find the answer.

The alternative is to face the challenge it can be to find out who we truly are in a relationship, and how we make things easy or difficult, and why. This is the groundwork needed to improve a relationship and get to another level.

What about starting to level the gift giving opportunities you currently have? Giving and receiving are at the heart of a loving interaction. And often we miss out simply because we don’t have the information we need to leverage the occasion.

Leave the guesswork and choose EZcouple.

EZcouple will not only increase your knowledge about what your partner wants, but it will also give you the opportunity to convey what you would love, simply and efficiently.

If your intention is to show your love for your partner, registering on EZcouple is the best way to express your pure intention. Your partner will receive an email informing him or her what a wonderful person you are in taking the first step to show your love efficiently.

Start the giving-receiving-appreciation cycle today!