About Us

About EZcouple

EZcouple project stems from the idea that thriving long-term relationships are the foundation of a healthy and thriving society. We want to defy the divorce and separation statistics and provide the help modern life requires to nurture a romantic relationship in the long run.

We are so delighted to offer you a platform dedicated to your unique couple!

It would be a misconception to think that EZcouple is a materialistic site focused on gift giving stricto sensu.

Doing or giving something for someone you love is opening your heart and taking the risk to be hurt. Our romantic fiber wants to limit that risk and make it as easy to please your loved one as it is to fall in love.

We believe in small successful actions. We believe in rewarding perseverance. We believe in your love for each other.


About EZcoupleā€™s team

Genuinely good people are working to make EZcouple what it is, some punctually, some full time.

We work from different continents, and we all come from different cultures. What we share is a taste for excellence and perfection that constantly improves what we produce.

At no point, we stop improving what EZcouple offers to you.

We are also customer obsessed because EZcouple is meaningless if it is not used. So what you think matters to us. And we pride ourselves to be reliable in our communication with you. Anne the founder is always available to answer your question within 24h. And for now, she is the one answering every email. When you are registered on EZcouple, communication with us is even simpler and more direct through our chat system that we call the message center.